• Most sleep clinics are based in London, which means the stress of travel maybe not just once but at least 2 – 3 times per year plus the extra costs that this involves. We are based locally and have various sites and clinics available to you.
  • CPAP machines are available online and from other retailers. Many machines are supplied without any service or maintenance back up and no diagnostic downloads.  However, with our service contract from Philips Respironics, you get:
    • The latest technology machine
    • Follow up service, with a 3 year service plan
    • A Freephone telephone advice line between Monday – Friday 9am-7pm
    • Dedicated email contact
    • Working with Philips, you will get regular diagnostic reports, which can be made available to your clinician direct
    • Meets standards required by the DVLA for sleep apnoea patients 
    • Diagnostic downloads can be set up with Philips via your computer or phone if required.